Friday, March 25, 2016

End of Day #6: at the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
There is plenty of detail to keep me busy for a few more days but the bulk of the decisions are done and fixed in paint now. The two large panels of shadowy figures play well graphically, I think, and fit with the notion of primordial, even primal drama, hot dance and life-inspired theater...implicit issues in this mural. Also eroticism, flirtation, love and birth are touched on again and again—the play of human drama at the base of artistic expression. Jorge and I had a delicious conversation over lunch and a good cabernet about all of this. We have decided to have the inauguration in November when my family can be here (and perhaps someone from Linfield, where I teach). We are planning a publication of some sort, looking for good writers or a poet...
It is very hard to get still photos of the work that really capture the optical scan that being here provides. Taking my friend Jerry Jensen's advice, I am asking my son, Ruben Mills, to shoot video of the entire project. Today I measured the walls and was surprised to find that the entire six-year project covers roughly 2400 square feet, of which I will have finished 745 in 2016. 
I am including a few details from the drawings on the columns in this post as well as the second shadow panel.

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