Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer 2015 Additions: Day two of ten

Day two on the mural project in Costa Rica at the School of the Integrated Arts (EMAI). The base colors are in on all of the new surface panels, both the columns and the friezes connecting them. 
In the pictures you can see the finished mural panels I have done since 2010. I am using the same color transitions on the new work, according to the height from the ground, as a constant to unite the work. The surface area is larger than I anticipated and so I am sweating the short time-frame. 
Today I fought strong winds, endured several hours of kid's marimba practice, general disorder, lots of interruptions and (worse) a bit of layer separation on one of the friezes that had to be repaired, textured, given a primer and finally painted with the base layers of semi-transparent color. Jorge helped me with the surface repair. Tomorrow I plan to really get down to it. The folks here are great. If feel very much "en casa" with a number wonderful people encouraging me and appreciating what I am doing. I feel blessed and privileged to be "in residence".

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer 2015, the work resumes...

In August I will resume work no a cycle of murals started in 2010 and largely completed in 2013, though this summer I will do a facade on the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. I will be painting a frieze that is, well, more than 50' wide, plus columns and connecting architectural features (here shown below the red line).  The basic color scheme will remain similar to the larger panels here slightly visible to the extreme right, which is to say vermilion reds at the base to ochres at the level of the upper windows.  The actual figurative imagery is still only known to my unconscious at this point.  Stay tuned!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The murals are touched up, properly inaugurated, amid great fanfare. In total, they measure over 1300 square feet. We flew home to Oregon last night, tired but satisfied.  Before leaving we touched up and improved many areas of the murals.  We went for a short vacation at Manuel Antonio beach and nature park then spend another day on Sunday working, mostly on the dance studio panel, until nightfall.  We flew out the next morning.  By having done the murals I kept an old promise to a friend, collaborator, composer and research colleague of many years, a wonderful ethnomusicologist who founded the school, Dr. Jorge Luis Acevedo. 

Many thanks to Isabel, my wife and partner, whose keen eyes and talented brush helped refine many passages that would have otherwise been left a bit more raw.  I am grateful. 

In answer to questions and comments: No, I am not conscious of channeling William Blake, Dante or Marc Chagall, though it might have been easier had that been the case; I could have used a bit of such genius here and there.  As to the most generous comment, made by a woman roaming the halls beneath the scaffolding, no, to my knowledge I do not have "angels on my hands" but I am charmed by the suggestion.  Isabel, on the other hand....just might.  

Here are some of the best shots of the finished mural panels and many details. I will later post images from the inauguration.