Thursday, March 24, 2016

End of Day #5: Another full day up and down the scaffold at the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. 
I continued to work on the upper tier, I drew figures on the columns and lay in the shadow imagery on the ochre panels. A good day in terms of unifying the overall design a bit more. Another day on the shadow imagery and other touch-up and refinement and I can start to detail a few things further. 
The imagery on one of the panels was a bit, well, nude.  (I do love life drawing!) My good wife Isabel pointed out that children would see it and so, as a good husband I took a deeper look and transformed the image in terms of the Origin theme I started with, here about biological origins, romance and sex in a procreative sense. I added imagery to underscore this reading. I should add that the local folks are not terribly prudish, in fact my sponsor, Jorge, says the mural panels that do contain a fair amount of eroticism, have not drawn criticism at all. Still, I am grateful to Isabel for leading me to consider the wider topic at hand. 

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