Friday, June 28, 2013

The scaffolding has been removed!

Though there is much to touch-up and perhaps add/subtract, due to the need for publicity photos, I finished the top third (or more) of all three of the lower panels, applied the varnish (a special satin acrylic varnish) and removed the scaffolding.  For the first time I can fully see the composition.  Jorge Luis Acevedo, Director and Founder of the School of Integrated Arts and Cesar Cuello, 82 year-old Argentine muralist who has been doing work here the school for three years, helped me move the scaffolding and assess the state of the mural.  Finally seeing the work without peering through the structure of the scaffolding called for a bit of levity.  We shortly went for a fine Italian lunch.

Cesar Cuello and Ron Mills

Jorge Acevedo and Cesar Cuello

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