Thursday, June 27, 2013

Closing in...

Another day up high.  Panel #2 took longer than I expected today but I like the is an attempt to include two elements that the four short panels have lacked...high contrast (white on dark blue-green) figures, as in the tall panel, and an element out of scale, something else that I worked with in the tall panel.  (Isabel's idea)  I borrowed a maternal face "on high" (not that I had one!) and a child.   I also deepened the contrasts on the lower female figure (panel #2) and worked on a high element in panel #4.

Tomorrow I will deepen some values in panels #3 and#4 and varnish what I have finished.  I learned that touchup over the varnish is very nice; it sticks fine and allows very thin glazes and washes.  Later another layer of the varnish will hold it permanently.

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