Thursday, June 20, 2013

I spent most of the day up and down scaffolding.  Come to think of it, that is about all I have been doing for nine days.  Today I worked on the top level of panels #3 and #4 most of the afternoon and a bit of high work on panel #2 in the evening.  The panels are, I think, talking to one another, thought there are some areas that don't feel quite right yet.

Tomorrow night is the painting show opening.  The mural inauguration will be on the 3rd of July.  Some dancers and musicians will do improvisational work in front of the murals.  Jorge Acevedo, a dear old friend and founder of the school, will play indigenous flute.  The acoustics are wonderful in the space and so I expect it will be quite nice.

Here are a few shots from today's work.  These shots were taken before an area on panel four was modified and a relatively light upper section of panel two was glazed with a blue green to better make a transition optically with the rest.  These are just iPhone shots.  I will document the project with the Nikon a bit later.  I may have the scaffolding removed in a few days so that I can see the work a bit better now that the upper third is about finished.  I can reach the rest with an extension ladder or a low platform.

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