Monday, October 25, 2010

Two new figures today

Good progress on Sunday and today.  The middle level has taken shape and the lower section has a rich base.  The upper section is due for some revision and lots more work.  Tomorrow marks a week on the project, though I only got in a half-day last Tuesday.  Still, I think within another week or ten days I should have the first and largest panel largely finished.  I would like to do one of the three smaller (still about 30' high) panels while I am here this year.  We'll see.

These two new figures, one male, one female, are really quite large, at least ten feel tall; maybe a bit more.  The color is more luminous than it shows because by the time I took the shots this afternoon the light was low.  Also, as you can see, the angle through the scaffolding makes it hard to see ALL of any given figure.  That does present a challenge of proportion, but then again I am not going for naturalism.  The lower legs and feet look pretty good passing into the ochre and yellows.  Will post more from a lower angle later.

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