Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First day.

Jorge Luis Acevedo, my colleague and sponsor at EMAI in front of the lower portion of the largest panel.  The surface has been primed on Panel #1 of four, the scaffolding is sort of installed, err wired together with a few wooden diagonals to stabilize it.  Really is more secure than it looks; doesn't wiggle too much when I climb it.  I will need a security belt to tie myself on and more planks to sit on a various levels as I work.

Looks pretty high at 40'!  Will start the surface treatments with semi-transparent color tomorrow.  Doubt I will linger terribly long at the top!

Statement of purpose: En este mural mi propósito es que a través de fusionar pigmentos de colores luminosos, sutiles y vibrantes así como veladuras, celebrar la municipalidad de Santa Ana en el propósito común de honrar la unidad de las artes musicales, plásticas, el teatro y la danza para el beneficio de la comunidad.


  1. Thank you for posting! It will be great to see the process.

  2. Can't wait to see it!
    <3 Sara and Daniel