Saturday, July 6, 2013

Final Touches

The inauguration was glorious with an interpretive dance based on the murals, improvised music (violin, piano, guitar) operatic singing by artists from Julliard and U of O (here for a workshop).  Jorge Luis Acevedo also played a 500 year-old ceramic flute. The acoustics were great and there were a lot of people in attendance.  In my many years as a painter and professor, rarely have I seen the degree of integration between musicians, dancers, thespians and visual artists as I have these weeks in residence at the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.  Most times, the arts in academe stand adjacent to one another and yet are and detached. It has been fascinating to me to hear various people's interpretations of the mural and related issues.  Two have raised the notion that I have been channeling William Blake, one Marc Chagall.  Several, including Cézar Cuello, Argentine muralist and Wagner enthusiast, see the mural as a symphony in four movements, starting on the left.  One woman stopped by to say that Isabel and I, while doing final touches, had "angels in our hands".

The next morning we departed for Manuel Antonio beach for a couple of days of rest. We leave on Monday.  Sunday Isabel and I will make a few final touches, document the improvements made last minute before the event and pack-up.  We have to dismount my painting show in the gallery as well.

Ron, Cézar and Jorge Luis

Cézar, Jorge Luis and Isabel

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