Saturday, November 6, 2010

Starting second panel

Even though the first and tallest panel is not complete at ground level, I am starting the second panel dedicated to music, interpreted as a field of organic and lyrical abstraction.  During the next week I will be going back and forth between the two panels to integrate them and to hopefully segue the color passages from one to the other from ground-level perspective.

The light is better today since the storm of the last several days blew away.  Cold and mostly clear now.  Good conditions for photography.  Here are a few better shots of the upper sections:


  1. Hi! After a beautiful dinner with great wine from Cooper Mountain Vineyards, we have been enjoying seeing the amazing progress you have made over the past few days on the mural. Truly inspirational and breathtaking. We're hoping to all get together and celebrate your accomplishment over some nice glasses of wine!

  2. Many thanks for the encouragement!