Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer 2015 Additions: Day two of ten

Day two on the mural project in Costa Rica at the School of the Integrated Arts (EMAI). The base colors are in on all of the new surface panels, both the columns and the friezes connecting them. 
In the pictures you can see the finished mural panels I have done since 2010. I am using the same color transitions on the new work, according to the height from the ground, as a constant to unite the work. The surface area is larger than I anticipated and so I am sweating the short time-frame. 
Today I fought strong winds, endured several hours of kid's marimba practice, general disorder, lots of interruptions and (worse) a bit of layer separation on one of the friezes that had to be repaired, textured, given a primer and finally painted with the base layers of semi-transparent color. Jorge helped me with the surface repair. Tomorrow I plan to really get down to it. The folks here are great. If feel very much "en casa" with a number wonderful people encouraging me and appreciating what I am doing. I feel blessed and privileged to be "in residence".

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